Quality parts and service since 1917
Quality parts and service since 1917

Kirsch Drapery Hardware Collection

Decorative Hardware

Designer Metals®
Complement the latest metallic finishes throughout your home for a cohesive look.
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Buckingham Collection
The Buckingham® decorative drapery hardware collection evokes
the rich heritage of old world England in today’s most discerning
homes by following in the tradition of fine craftsmanship.
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Buckingham Estate Ultra
Estate Ultra™ emphasizes sophistication while traversing heavy weight draperies - up to 56 pounds. Indulge your imagination with the numerous finial and finish selections.
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Kirsch Wood Trends
Kirsch Wood Trends®, an exclusive collection
of drapery hardware, features a breadth of
styles, finishes and sizes that bring new levels
of beauty and timeless quality to the space.
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Kirsch's Estate Wood Trends
Kirsch's cost effective Estate Wood Trends decorative traverse rod collection combines the functionality of Kirsch's legendary 2" Estate Ultra™ rod with the popular Wood Trends finishes.
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Wrought Iron Collection
Old World Spanish influences embrace modern touches with Kirsch's Wrought Iron Collection.
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Basic Hardware

Architects Guide Brochure
Kirsch, the most widely specified window hardware brand, offers a
complete selection of window hardware and drapery heading systems
suitable for virtually any installation.
Architects Guide Brochure.pdf
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Ripplefold Brochure
Soft, ripple-like folds flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other. The effect is gently tailored and suitable for either commercial or residential installations.
Ripplefold Brochure.pdf
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Superfine Traverse Rods
Kirsch Superfine is a state of the art traverse rod that is the standard of the industry. Superfine is often imitated, but never duplicated.
Superfine Traverse Rods Brochure.pdf
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Empire Traverse Rods
Empire traverse rods perform well on light and medium weight draperies up to 180 inches wide.
Empire Traverse Rods Brochure.pdf
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Lockseam Rods
Kirsch's Lockseam rods are the strongest and most versatile rods on the market today.
Lockseam and Super Kirco Rods Brochure.p[...]
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Special Purpose Rods
Window designs can be as unique as the windows fashions themselves. That's why Kirsch has developed an extensive line of special purpose curtain rods.
Special Purpose Rods Brochure.pdf
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Continental Rods
The need for a curtain rod with the ability to hold heavy fabric and accommodate large curtain pockets emerged, and spurred Kirsch's invention of the Continental Pocket Rod.
Continental Rods Brochure.pdf
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Cafe and Shower Rods
Ideal for kitchens and dining areas where both privacy and natural light are desired, Café Rods parallel decorative traverse rods, however enable soft treatments to be installed halfway up the window
Cafe And Shower Rods Brochure.pdf
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Sash and Spring Rods
Sash Rods fit closely to windows and are recommended for door applications.
Spring Tension Rods allow for stationary curtains without creating holes in walls.
Sash And Spring Rods Brochure.pdf
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