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Ultra wide Roller Shades 100% made in the USA!

Our designs are both elegant and sleek, shielding sun, glare, and UV rays while conserving energy. Air-conditioning loads can decrease over 60% when you mount your shade outside your home or building and up to 22% when mounted inside. Whether you choose to add your solar shade inside or out, you will notice reduced glare while protecting your personal property from damaging UV rays.

Our solar shades blend in beautifully with your interior or exterior design while covering more area than our competitors. Our solar shades span up to 40 feet wide with a dramatically more compact cassette, measuring 3 1/8" by 3 1/8". Other manufacturers can only cover a distance of up to 29 feet using a massive cassette headbox of 13" by 12". Their products weigh as much as 1,000 pounds while our 480” x 192” Ultra Wide Roller Shade does not exceed 150 pounds.

OTHER APPLICATIONS: Our blackout and room darkening shades significantly reduce or virtually eliminate the light entering your projection room, ensuring a more vivid image. Graphic printed shades provide your business with sun control while maintaining visibility. We can reproduce high resolution color logos and advertisements in full bleed on either translucent or opaque shades. We also offer banners for use in sports stadiums, tradeshows and other arenas that feature high-resolution photographs.

Somfy Motors are a standard component of our solar shades, saving you time and providing for ease of operation.

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