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McDonald Wholesale Distributor's Policy for service calls and measuring. 


  • Assist you and/or your installer on a sales call at your customer's location. We will share our expertise and give advice for any McDonald window treatment, including automation. At this time, we may take rough measurements for estimating purposes. The fee for this assistance is $95.00 (refundable on a purchse of $500.00 or more). Assistance needed outside of the tri-county area, will have a higher, non refundable fee.
  • Assist you or your installer in programming McDonald Wholesale automated treatments, via phone call, or video call, without charges. On site assistance will have a fee of $ 25.00 per motor with a minimum fee of $ 95.00.
  • Repair or replace any defective item that is under warranty. The defective item  must be returned to our Detroit location.  
  • Make a servie call to your customer's location for a fee of $95.00. Additional charges for parts and labor that are not under warranty. Or for replacement parts due to faulty installation, and/or mishandling.  The fee for service or assistance calls outside the tri-county area, are as follows and are subject to change. Without notice
  • 50-100 miles-$175.00
  • 100-200 miles-$300.00
  • 200-300 miles-$500.00   
  • We do not provide finished measurements for any window treatment.
  • We do not install any window treatment.

    If you need assistance with finished measurements and installation, we can provide you with a list of free lance installers. These installers ARE NOT McDonald Wholesale employees, and they will charge you directly for their services.




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