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Quality parts and service since 1917

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 Quality Parts and Service Since 1917!
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News From The Front Office
Digital showroom now available! 

We now have a digital showroom so you can see our products wherever whenever! Just click the “featured on Houzz” button and it should take you right there. So if you want to look something up quickly as a reference or to show customers on the go our showroom will be right there!

Did You know??

     Summer is here and the bills are going up. Here at McDonald Wholesale we offer multiple different types of fabrics that will help keep the cold in and the hot out.

    Honeycomb shades are a great way to do just that, they have what we call cells, on the back of the cells there is a special type on material that reflects the sun rays while on the front of them it helps insulate the window and keep either the warm or cold inside where it should be! From experience with one in my home I know that they are amazing!

    Next, we have our normal Sheerweave. Sheerweave in and of itself is already a protecting the window   from the sun’s harmful rays but depending on what fabric is there it can also help with climate control inside. 

Now In Stock: RediShade 
  Redi-Shades are brand new to us and we would love to share them with you! Redi-shades are a paper shade that acts as a place holder while we make your custom window shades; So you don't have to wait any longer to have something in the window! They do come is certain sizes but you can just cut them with scissors or a straight edge razor or put multiple up to fit the desired window size that you need. No screws, brackets, or time needed! Just peel off the adhesive on the top of the shade and pop them right up!
100 Year Plaque!
 Here at McDonald Wholesale our team has put in the up-most effort into keeping this business alive and strong for these 100 years. This plaque shows off just what hard work and dedication can do. This plaque shows that if you put in the effort and keep customers happy, while keeping the quality ,anyone can achieve this. We here at McDonald Wholesale Distributor would like to thank you, our loyal customer, for helping us stay afloat for this long and to continue to keep that quality we always wanted. Stop in anytime and you will see this plaque hanging up outside our front door for everyone to see. McDonald Wholesale had proudly served Michigan and Detroit for over 100 years and counting! 

McDonald Wholesale Distributor
19536 W. Davison St.
Detroit, Michigan 48223-3422

Phone: 313-273-2870

Fax: 313-273-8030
Toll Free: 888-877-2970


McDonald Wholesale Distributor Inc. | 19536 West Davison St., Detroit, MI 48223
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McDonald Wholesale Distributor
19536 W. Davison St.
Detroit, Michigan 48223-3422

Phone: 313-273-2870

Fax: 313-273-8030
Toll Free: 888-877-2970

Email: mcdonaldwholesale@comcast.net


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